Lower gas prices a boon to restaurants

Since June, gasoline prices at the pump have seen a huge decrease. The price of WTI crude has gone from $110 a barrel to less than $57 a barrel. This savings has put… Continue reading

Le Cordon Bleu

It is probably most chef’s dream to attend the famous Le Cordon Bleu, whether the original in Paris, or even one of their other programs throughout the world. Le Cordon Bleu, which is… Continue reading

Specifications for Blodgett BCX-14E Combi Oven

The third in our series on oven repair; providing the overall specifications of the BCX-14E combi oven: Has the ability to cook with pressureless steam (212F), hot air, or combination of steam and hot… Continue reading

Replacement of Parts for Blodgett Ovens DFG-100/DFG-200

The second in a series of equipment repair instructions for various makes and models of Blodgett ovens. This post references burners and deflector assemblies for the DFG-100 and DFG-200 models.   BURNER AND DEFLECTOR… Continue reading

Blodgett DFG-100 and DFG-200 Convection Oven: Removal and Replacement of Blower Wheel and Assembly

The following are instructions for assistance in service and repair of your Blodgett convection oven, model numbers DFG-100 and DFG-200. Blower Wheel with Build-on Wheel Puller Remove the racks and rack supports. Remove… Continue reading

Marketing your restaurant in November

Here are marketing calendar days that you can use to market your restaurant in November. Get creative! NOVEMBER IS: Banana Pudding Lovers Month Georgia Pecan Month National Adoption Month Peanut Butter Lovers Month… Continue reading

Where to find Model # and Serial # on your Blodgett oven

Have you been wondering where to look for your make, or model number for your Blodgett oven? Sometimes they can be difficult to locate. Well, we can help.  Below we provide you with… Continue reading

Restaurant Customers want to use Technology to Pay Their Bills

A study just released by Cornell University shows that restaurant guests are ready and willing to use smartphones and tablets to pay their bill. The study included 1,300 consumers in the U.S. and… Continue reading

Customer relations primarily affected by employees

Your restaurant reputation lies primarily with your employees. If you take care of your employees, your guests’ dining experience will be enhanced and they will return. This is what can differentiate you from… Continue reading

Specialty Parts

—Blodgett is our specialty at blodgett-parts.com. We sell a full-line of replacement parts for all makes and models of Blodgett ovens: Pizza, Convection, Rotating Rack, Combi, Steam, Deck. —Specialty parts including: Elements, Motors, Transformers, Thermostats, Timers,… Continue reading